GALLANT 鋰鐵電池 / GALLANT LiFePO4 Battery

安全性最佳,且最符合環保要求,電芯所有原料皆可分解及回收,亦無重金屬污染困擾。長效壽命,循環次數最佳,循環壽命可達3000次以上,是目前最佳之電池。 減少鉛蓄電池體積1/2~2/3,有效提升廠房空間利用率,並降低樓板載重負荷,減少建廠成本,長期使用下成本最為經濟,使用環境溫度耐受性極佳。

  • 專為UPS及其他電力備援系統設計的電池組
  • 外殼採鋁合金陽極處理,結構強
  • 鰭片設計,散熱特性佳
  • 以鐳射焊接組成電池組,模組內阻低
  • 內建電芯電壓被動平衡
  • 循環壽命長,免大規模保養
  • 體積小,重量輕
  • 環保、無汙染及不含重金屬
  • 不會熱失控及起火爆炸

  • 電池組異常指示燈
  • BMS通訊(RS485 or Ethernet)
Delivering the best in safety with the best in environmental friendliness, We work to reduce the impact the material in our batteries has on the environment by reducing the impact of pollution due to heavy metals. heavy metal pollution problems and increasing the lifespan of our batteries therefore reducing disposal. Our batteries remain at their optimum performance at up to 3000 charge cycles. Reducing the volume of lead-acid batteries from 50% to 66%, allows us to effectively raise the utilisation of available floor space and reduce the heavy-duty floor-board, reducing construction costs, long-term use of the most economical cost, Ambient temperature resistance is excellent.

  • Specially design for UPS or Back-up Power system.
  • Battery housing made by anodized aluminum with high strength.
  • Battery housing designed cooling fins perform very good heat dissipation.
  • Cell connected by laser welded busbars featuring low electric resistance.
  • Integrated passive balance circuit.
  • Long cycle life and no massive maintenance required.
  • Compact and light weight
  • Environment friendly and heavy metal free.
Optional features
  • Battery abnormal indicator.
  • BMS communication(RS485 or CAN)
    Battery signal measurement, acquiring and processing. 
    Data exchange with external devices such as HMI or SCADA.
    ​Realtime warning and protection during service.