ATMOS 逆變器 / ATMOS Inverter

工業級逆變器輸入輸出全隔離,有效抑制雜訊、雷擊、洩漏電流以及徹底解決接地零電壓等電力問題。動力元件採隨插即用模塊式設計、前面板式操作,維修不須搬動機器,平均修復時間MTTR少於30分鐘。INVERTER輸出低諧波採PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)波寬調變方式。可單機運行或雙機並聯運行,單台異常時能不間斷的由另一台供電。

Our input and output full isolation industrial-grade inverters coupled with effective noise suppression, lightning, and completely solves leakage issues from the current to the ground. Power element mining plug modular design, front plate operation, allows a repair without moving the machine. The mean time to repair (MTTR) is less than 30 minutes. Inverter mining output low-level wave pulse width modulation (PWM) in pulse width modulation mode. Twin machine parallel operation when a single abnormal uninterrupted power supply by another.
※Customized design to fulfill different demand.

1.Energy and Power (power plant, generation, transmission, distribution)
2.Medical treatment(MRT ,CT,Operating Room......)
3.Data center(Telecommunity、Information、Cloud......)
4.All industrial production processes